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Banner and video ads

Banner and video ads on streaming resources (YouTube, Pornhub, other popular services)
Placing banner and video advertising on the most popular services of the Internet - is an opportunity to capture the audience, not available in social networks, competently integrated into the content of the resource and thereby obtain a large number of new customers from new sources.
Video advertising on the Internet
Video advertising on the Internet helps to attract the audience not covered in social networks, increase brand popularity and sales. Lab322 agency specialists are ready to create for you a bright, memorable and selling video clip. We will place it on popular resources and give recommendations on further promotion.
What is the advantage of this advertising format
You influence your potential customers through two channels at once: visual and auditory. In this way, people are more active and absorb information better. You overcome "banner blindness" and get your offer to a wide audience. Another plus - in a video format is easier to show all the benefits of the product.

Add to this the precise segmentation of the target audience - the video will be broadcast to those who are interested in the product. Speaking of audience. On resources that we use for advertising, it is very large. For example, Youtube is viewed by more than a billion people.
What is video advertising and where to place it
These are short "live" videos, 3D or video infographics that advertise your product or brand according to a pre-created strategy. It's no coincidence that we wrote about strategy. The analytical part of the project is just as important as the creative part.

Before creating an advertisement, it is very important to study the market, competitors, target audience and set clear goals. You need to decide what you want to get from the campaign, when and in what quantity. Only this way you can rationally spend the budget and get the result.

We place video advertising in Yandex, Google Ads and other networks. The spots are embedded in the content of major resources: Youtube, Rutube, Pornhub, Kinopoisk, Yandex.Video, Yandex.News, various media, online movie theaters, popular entertainment sites and blogs.
What a video ad looks like
This can be a normal video, 3D graphics, or animated infographics with a voiceover. There are also several ways to broadcast ads, depending on the selected network.

Video advertising formats in RSS:
InStream - played at the beginning, middle or end of the content the user is viewing.
InPage - played on the pages of websites.
Interstitial - enabled in mobile apps before downloading or switching content.
Rewarded - embedded in mobile games. Users get rewards or in-game currency for viewing ads.
InBanner - played in banners placed in applications.
Google PBC also has several broadcast options:
In-Stream with skip option - opens before, in the middle of, or after the end of the video. You can skip commercials 5 seconds after they start.
In-Stream without the option to skip - the same broadcast format, but you cannot skip a clip.
Video Discovery - content is played on Youtube in the recommendations of clips, in the list of similar videos and on the home page in mobile devices.
A splash screen is a 6-second advertisement at the beginning, middle, or end of a video clip that the user is watching. You cannot skip the screensaver.
Out-Stream - ads to attract an audience with mobile devices. They run automatically without sound.
Masthead - starts automatically without sound and plays for 30 seconds or longer.
What we do
We develop effective video advertising for your site, place it on the most popular Internet resources and monitor the effectiveness.
How we do
Getting to know your product, brand and niche.
Analyze the activity and representation of competitors.
Make predictions and set campaign goals.
We study the target audience, its habits and preferences.
We select resources relevant to the audience and make a media plan.
We determine the format of the advertisement and think through the script and storyboard.
Create and edit a video or video infographics.
We set up the collection of statistics on the sites and run advertising offers.
Monitor the effectiveness of the selected formats and adjust if necessary.
We moderate the campaign for a month.
Report at the end of the period with conclusions and plans for further promotion
The cost of video advertising
The cost of video advertising depends on the complexity of the video and the sites on which it will be placed. The price is also influenced by the competitiveness of the product and the occupancy of the niche.
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