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Branding is a set of services for creating a cohesive and recognizable image in the minds of potential customers. It is a unique visual message for consumers and is necessary for every ambitious company with long-term plans and development strategy.

Do you want to strengthen your position in the market, get a greater audience response or increase your average bill? We know how to do it. Our agency offers a full range of branding services for all needs. Client's goals and objectives, a well-tuned strategy, creative ideas - these are the three basics on which we create strong projects.

Types of branding
1. Product. It is aimed at the end consumer and consists in the formation of a recognizable image of a product or service.

2. Corporate. Building an image of the entire company for interaction with personnel, potential customers, investors and partners.

3.Territorial. This marketing tool is applied when it is necessary to establish interaction with the set of different audiences in the country, separate city or district.

4. Personal. It is aimed at creation of an attractive image of the specialist in the eyes of the companies which can be interested in his services.
What branding includes
One of the tasks of visual positioning is the development of corporate identity, logo, packaging design and promotional materials. It is the visual that helps to convey and reinforce the desired associations with consumers.

But design development is relevant when you already have values, strategy and you want to update your company's image. All of the above is the basis for brand packaging, which will become an additional value for your product. If that base meets the needs of your target audience, a gentle redesign of an outdated image will do the job.

A corporate identity may not be enough if you're at the beginning of your journey or for some reason decide to completely rethink your company's vision. Suppose you want to attract a new category of customers - in this case you cannot do without comprehensive work with the formation of a business concept, another format of interaction with the consumer, new slogans, and a name.
Why branding
Branding services are needed to create a sustainable image that will find a stable response in the target audience and tie the buyer to the product "emotionally.
A well-thought-out brand gives a business several advantages:
1. Increased visibility and audience outreach.
2. detachment from competitors working with the same product/service.
3. Increased trust from loyal customers.
4. Reducing the cost of advertising campaigns.
5. Creation of a unified strategy of communication with clients.
6. Possibility to increase the price of the product or service at the expense of additional value: emotions from purchase, confidence in status, quality of the product
Turnkey branding development
At Lab322 you can order turnkey business packaging. We can develop a strong brand from scratch or breathe life into an old one. In both cases we will study in detail your business area and create a unique and memorable image of the company. As a result of our cooperation you will get a visual that can be applied in any point of interaction with the client: from the website to the store.
What we do
Corporate Identity
A set of visual elements that make your business stand out from the competition: color scheme, typography, slogan and name, branded character.
A concise graphic symbol that reflects the idea and values of your company.
Packaging design
A meaningful, user-friendly, and audience-attractive design for any package.
For electronic and printed presentation of the product in accordance with the developed branding of the organization.
How we do
We send you the brief to fill out
In it, you can specify important details that should be reflected in the design. Provide the necessary information about the business.
Gathering information and setting goals.
Researching and analyzing the market
The company, competitors, trends in the field, the target audience and its preferences. We identify strengths and weaknesses of the product, find advantages and emotional triggers.
Shaping the concept
At this stage we create a business positioning strategy, a unique name and everything that is necessary for the foundation of the brand.
Developing a design
We think through the color scheme, create a logo, corporate identity, character and other visual elements for any medium.
Why are we
1. We combine a technical approach with creativity.
We start the development of the company's brand with a strategy. The creative component is based on the verified idea, which allows you to create a commercially successful visual.
We save the customer's time.
The agency will find a specialist for each task. Marketing, copywriting, photography - all tasks we take upon ourselves.
3. We create successful cases in different business spheres.
Our portfolio - corporate style for online store, showroom, confectionery, cybersport platform, automation system, country club, and more.
4. We build convenient communication.
We allocate a personal manager to the project - he answers the client's questions, requests information, sends reports.
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