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Lab322 is engaged in the development of product packaging design. A bright, attractive product image is necessary for both large businesses and small companies. To make the consumer choose you, you need to attract and hold their attention, cause positive associations and motivate them to buy. In a competitive environment, it's very difficult to do this without a beautiful, informative visual that meets the tastes of the target audience.

This is exactly the kind of design we create for our clients. We develop a unique, selling idea, combining a creative and technical approach. We study the client's business in detail and create a product image that will be remembered by the audience and won't get lost among similar offers.
What we do
We create unique packaging for any product according to your brief.
How we do
We study the brief
You fill out this document at the beginning of cooperation, from it we learn about the product and its characteristics, company, goals and objectives.
We draw up the terms of reference and the contract.
They will spell out the price for the design of packaging and labels, deadlines, the direction of the work, your wishes and vision of the end result.
We analyze the market segment and your competitors.
We highlight brand strengths, find differences from companies with identical and similar products, and study trends.
We study the target audience.
"Draw" a portrait of the consumer, find out his preferences, habits, motivation.
We form a few ideas and present them to you.
You choose the best design in your opinion, we visualize it and pass it to you ready for implementation.
Left audience and product, find the strengths, choose the metaphor, color scheme, font.
Why are we
A comprehensive approach to packaging design. We develop a selling visualization of your product, not just a pretty picture.
Successful cases in different spheres of business. We have done corporate identity for an online store, showroom, confectionery, cybersports platform, automation system, country club and not only.
A personal manager for your project. Communication is built with one person in charge of the project.
How will you know what kind of packaging I need?
You fill out a detailed brief. If you have an idea of what you like and what you don't like, we focus on those images or communicate with you to study your taste in detail and understand what you need to get out. Plus, we apply our expert knowledge to create packaging that fits the audience and the market.
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