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Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is a unique identifier of your company

It's equally important for large and small businesses. Even as a very small organization, you cannot neglect the way in which you reach your audience - your image is, above all, the communication of your values to the consumer. The unique image you create contributes to your recognition and reputation. A set of branded elements directly builds an association with the firm, no matter where they are located. Even if there are hundreds of thousands of similar companies in your segment, a corporate identity will help you to set yourself apart from the competition and create enduring associations with your brand.

What are we doing?
We create unique graphic elements.
How do we do it?
We study the brief, your field of activity, competitors and the latest trends.
We conduct comprehensive market research
Exploring audience preference
Define design goals
Create the necessary set of graphic elements
from 80,000 rubles
Create the necessary set of graphic elements
To get the exact cost of the work, leave an application.
Why do I need a corporate identity?
A corporate identity is your brand identity. It helps you stand out from the competition and communicates your company's values to your audience.
What is included in the corporate identity?
The corporate identity includes the development of a logo, corporate colors, fonts, as well as some elements: pens, t-shirts, folders, certificates, and other, depending on your needs. The set of elements can be changed according to the individual request of the customer.
What if I don't like the corporate identity?
Based on your brief, we develop what exactly meets your specifications. One edit is included in the price. Recall that an edit is not a new creation of the corporate identity, but a correction of some elements or colors. We can also do something significantly new for you, then the additional work is paid by the hour according to the price list.
Where will I apply the corporate identity?
Everywhere. Any point of contact with the client - from the website to the staff uniforms - should be imbued with corporate identity.
How will you understand what corporate identity to create just for my company?
You fill out a detailed brief + we research your field and your competitors. It's in our best interest to create a design for you that you like.
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