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How to set up Yandex.Direkt by yourself: step by step instructions

We have prepared for you a step-by-step instruction on how to properly set up Yandex Direct. To the launch of the advertising campaign can begin as soon as a high-quality landing page is ready. After all, it is important not only to bring people to the site, but also to motivate them to buy. And if the product is poorly presented and uncomfortable to buy, the user will go to a competitor's site.
How Yandex Direct works
Contextual advertising drives traffic in two ways.

1. Keywords.
The ad will be shown to the user by the phrase he enters in the search bar. For example, "buy a kitchen table. Yandex will show the user offers of advertisers who have included these words in the text. They are called keywords. Thus, the buyer finds what he needs, and the seller to the target audience, already ready to buy.

2. thematic displays.
Direct shows ads on sites from the Yandex Advertising Network and other external networks if the content of the ads corresponds to the interests of users and the theme of the sites.
How much is Yandex Direct
You pay for the users you bring to the site, not for the ad placement. The price per click depends on the level of competition in your field and the clickability of the ad - the ratio of clicks to impressions (CTR). If the CTR is low, the cost per click rises. There is no fixed cost of promotion. The more scrupulously you set up your campaign, the less it will cost. Let's start promoting!
How to set up contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct by yourself
  • Make sure there are no errors on the site, it loads correctly on phones, and the user will find the answer to their query.
  • Analyze your competitors' offerings to find your strengths and build off of them.
  • Consider installing a Yandex.Metrika account on your website - it will help you analyze contextual advertising results.
  • Follow our instructions.
Creating an account
Create an account on the Yandex Direct page. Register in the system or sign in with an existing account. Click "Run Ads".

In the next step, select the country, add a phone number or email. Check the box next to the agreement and click "Start using the service". Your account is ready and you can start creating a campaign.
Setting up advertising in Yandex.Direct
Yandex automatically offers you to create contextual and graphic advertising, and that is what we will set up. This is a universal format, which is suitable for advertising any goods and services.
Come up with a campaign name
It is not displayed to the user, so it should just be clear to you. Add a link to the site.
Add a counter and enable link markup.
The next step is to adjust the strategy.
You need to choose where the system will broadcast your offer: only in search results or on partner sites too. To save money, select the "Search only" and "Manual bid management" options. You will be able to set the maximum cost per click for yourself in Yandex.Direct. It's better to create a separate campaign to customize your impressions in RSS.
In the next item you need to select the budget spending mode. Standard - the service shows ads unlimitedly in any time interval, until the daily limit is reached. Distributed - the service distributes displays during the day.
Automatic optimization is suitable for advertisers with a large number of campaigns. The system itself analyzes bids, settings, and selects the cost per click.
Set time limits
If the audience can't make a request at any time, determine the days and hours of operation.
Make a rate adjustment.
Suppose you want men to come to the site more often. Select the Gender and Age tab - New Adjustment and increase the value. You need to know your target customers and their requests well in order to adjust this item correctly.
Add minus-words to optimize your budget
These are words that won't lead the user to purchase. For example, "Free", "Compare", "What's better to choose". Another example, you are engaged in delivery of ready-made meals, but among them there are no vegetarian dishes. So you need to remove the "vegetarian" key.
Open the advanced settings, among them there are important items
  • Geographic targeting. Consider whether your site needs to be advertised to residents of other regions or it will be untargeted displays.
  • Include a stop display when the site is not working.
  • Add a virtual business card - this increases clickability.
  • Turn off notifications you don't need, or set a time limit for them.
  • If you have unwanted sites to show, specify them.
  • Click continue.
Creating an ad group
Think of the name of the group and check the boxes next to the localities in which Yandex will broadcast your offer. Autotargeting is the automatic selection of keywords, based on the advertising text. It is best not to use it or combine it with phrases you have picked up yourself.

Enter words that represent the meaning of your offer and click "Pick", select from a list of keys that are appropriate for your campaign. Use the exact match operator "!" to fix the phrase in the right context. For example, to broadcast your product only in Moscow, write "!Moscow.
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