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At Lab322 you can order the creation of a turnkey webpage. This is an independent resource or part of a corporate website to quickly attract potential customers. The main task of landing page - capture the attention of visitors from the first second and encourage them to leave an application or buy a product.

Creating a Landing Page
We know how to develop a landing page that will bring your company profit. We will study in detail the object of sales, analyze the offer of competitors, preferences of the target audience and on the basis of the data we create a modern resource with a high conversion rate.
Development of a turnkey branding in St. Petersburg
We design all projects individually, taking into account the specifics of the company and the customer's wishes. What do you get by ordering a landing page?
Fully ready for advertising and sales promotion of goods or services website: adaptation for mobile devices, counters, functionality.
Visual and semantic detachment from competitors - only unique design and texts created for your proposal.
High conversion rate - the effectiveness of our work is confirmed by the portfolio and customer feedback

Additional services
Cost of a landing page includes its design, content, functionality and testing - so you'll get a site that meets all the requirements of search engines. All that's left is to attract visitors. Our agency also offers SEO-promotion, contextual and targeting advertising.
Sequence of work
Examining the brief you filled out
Find strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, your advantages, looking for possible objections of CA and how to close them
We fix the agreed work plan and the result to be achieved in the terms of reference.
We design the sales structure, create a prototype - the layout of blocks on the landing page and the color scheme.
We develop the design, write the texts, add the necessary functionality, adapt the layout for mobile devices and test the page.
Passing the finished site on to you
Why are we
Saving your time. On average, we design a custom-made landing page from 5 days
Exclusive developments. We don't use a template structure, design, videos, texts, we find individual solutions
Initiative. Actively working on the project, independently seeking and proposing solutions to achieve optimal results.
Comprehensive approach. We immerse ourselves in the customer's field of activity to understand how to interact with the target audience and motivate it to action.
Professionalism of employees. A whole team works on the order: a designer, a marketer, a copywriter, a content manager.
The price of a one-page website (lending). What does the cost depend on?
The price of a landing page increases as the design, content, and functionality become more complex. Template design costs less, but may end up being less sellable. Developing a visual for your product, videos, infographics, animations, translation into a foreign language, complex options, and connecting marketing forms and analytics all add to the cost of the project.
We've prepared an infographic with prices for a landing page. Contact us to get a detailed calculation and a story about the service.
Order a Landing Page
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