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Creating turnkey websites

A well-designed website is an important part of a company's success. It increases sales, creates a quality dialogue with the client and strengthens the company's image, so you can't stop at just looking good. A full-fledged website capable of generating a large volume of customers for the company should have a broad functionality.

Lab322 marketing agency deals with professional website development in St. Petersburg and other cities. We study in detail the business of each client and its goals, create a unique structure of the site and graphic design, and provide the best result.
Advantages of our sites
The main advantage is that our sites meet all modern trends, have optimal functionality for easy use by the user, are optimized for all devices, have clear navigation, aesthetic and clear visuals, useful content, convenient built-in services. These are all kinds of talented salespeople. They allow the potential customer to find all the information they need and easily make a purchase or order a service. But, let's take a closer look at what issues are solved by the cases we have already implemented.

Attracting target audience.
According to statistics, without a platform on the Internet business loses about 25% of the customer audience. A person interested in a service or product, tries to find it in order to get more information. If the company is not online, the potential customer will get what they are looking for on a competitor's page. Creating a website makes a business more competitive.

Creating an image.
Having a resource with good functionality, stylish design and quality content daily, around the clock, works for the reputation of the brand. The buyer sees that the seller is open to dialogue and helps him. He begins to trust. A user-friendly interface that helps to make a purchase quickly - taking care of the customer's time. Everyone wants to buy the right service or thing in one or two clicks. That's the kind of seller they come back to again!

Creating a 24/7 office.
A regular office or store is usually open only during the day, but the website is open 24 hours without breaks and weekends. A person can enter it at any time, from anywhere and get the information they need: from current products and services to customer reviews, as well as make a purchase.

Creating an effective sales tool.
Our main goal is to develop a tool that motivates potential customers to take the targeted action: to make a purchase, register or leave a request. Correct and logical structure, design and content help us in this. Out of our hands comes a selling resource. To achieve such a result, you need the work of many specialists: designers, programmers, marketers, copywriters. Therefore, it is more convenient to order a turnkey website. So the company receives all the services from one performer, contacts a single manager and does not lose time coordinating the work of several specialists.
Website development of any complexity in Lab322
Our team knows how to design resources of any level of complexity: from a simple, colorful landing page to unique multi-page sites for any purpose. We offer the best solutions and technologies, based on the needs and goals of the client.
What we do
Business card
A great way for small companies to make themselves known. This is a neat, handy one-page page with basic information, key services and contact details.
Multipage site
Creating a corporate website is relevant when you need a virtual office, a full-fledged representation of the business. With its help, the company can tell in detail about itself, its services and specify contacts for communication.
Promo site
A bright, creative, selling resource for attracting an audience as part of an advertising campaign or promotion of a specific product or service.
Online store
A marketplace for effective online sales. Allows consumers to shop remotely with delivery options.
How we do
Any project we break into several parts and act step by step. This approach minimizes risks, allows you to adequately assess the timing and cost of site development.

Task setting.
We study in detail the product and market segment, analyze the site objectives, target audience and competitors, we determine the real terms and budget of the project. Agree them with the client. Then, based on the study and brief, make a schedule and an estimate with a list of works and deadlines. As our experience shows, this is the only effective approach. He allows you to create a site quickly and without edits.

Determine the optimal platform for creating the site, as her choice depends on its functionality. Design the structure - the layout of sections and pages relative to each other. We think through easy navigation and develop the necessary functional for high conversion. We do everything possible to ensure that the user will stay on the site as long as possible, make an order, make a purchase, call or leave contact information.

Visual design.
We develop a uniform concept and individual design for each page, according to the corporate identity. This is also the stage we design layouts for smartphones and tablets to ensure that the information is displayed correctly on any device.

Transform the final design into a working design, make it dynamic and connect it to the control system: makeup categories, subcategories and content.

This stage is necessary to develop the payment system, the calculator, the counter and other more complex functions. When creating a banding programming is not required.

Filling with content.
We develop the information content: we write unique texts, place visuals and videos. When all the materials are loaded we test the final product in browsers and devices, and launch it. We provide the customer with everything he needs to manage the resource.
Promotion and technical support in Lab322
In our agency you can order the development of sites in conjunction with other work.
We support operability: we eliminate bugs and viruses.
We provide services for SEO-promotion and contextual advertising on the Internet.
Why you should order a website from us
A few reasons why cooperation with us will be successful.

+Professionalism of employees.
We have gathered talented professionals in the agency who are thoroughly versed in their business. We do not have a generalist staff. Each task has its own performer. It will not be done with the sleeves or without knowledge of the subject.

+Comprehensive approach.
Lab322 provides a full range of services for business promotion on the Internet. In particular, we specialize in a full-cycle marketing: from brand packaging to a comprehensive promotion of the product on the Internet and analytics.

+The relevance of the methods.
Marketing is a dynamic sphere, and it is impossible to lag behind. We are always aware of new trends. In our portfolio you will not see outdated design or outdated non-working promotion tools.

+Fixed cost of the work.
The cost, sequence and timing of work is specified in the estimate, which we make in the first phase of work. In the process of cooperation it does not change except for those moments, if in the project at the stage of its implementation there are new inputs.

+Separate manager for your project.
Communication will be set up with only one specialist, who will supervise the course of works, terms and quality of their performance.

+Regular reporting.
You get a weekly brief summary of the work done and a monthly report with conclusions and further plans. And, of course, you can ask a question to the personal manager at any time.

+Technical Support.
Small edits or malfunctions can take a lot of time, if there is no person who knows about it in the staff. That's why we are always ready to help our customers if they have any questions about a product we've created.

+Full immersion in the realities of your business.
Streamlined work is not our approach. Every project that ends up at the agency is unique. We first dive into researching your product, goals, niche, competitors and only then offer a plan of action.

+Successful realized cases.
In the seven years of the agency's existence, we have managed to work with businesses from completely different fields: from clothing to medicine and manufacturing. The cases collected in our portfolio, as well as client feedback, speak for us.
How much does it cost to create a website in St. Petersburg
The cost depends on the complexity of the project, the number of features that need to be included in it, and the terms of cooperation. For example, you may already have some of the content ready, and then the tasks will be less. Or there may be a need for accelerated development, which is also reflected in the price. All this is discussed in detail at the first planning stage. To find out approximate prices for website development in St. Petersburg, leave an application and get a calculation.
What is included in the development of the site to make it sell?
Creating the structure of the site, depending on the objectives, the choice of site platform, the development of a unique design, placement of the necessary functionality, filling the unique content, quality links, and many other aspects that affect the motivation of the client to take the targeted action.
Single-page or multi-page site: what to choose?
Before ordering a website, decide on the development goals. A one-page resource is a great option for starting sales of a single product or service. A multi-page site is suitable for businesses with a large selection. It provides maximum information about the company's activities and builds trust in the brand. In any case, even if you can't determine which website you need on your own, our specialists will consult you on this issue and give you the option that your company needs specifically.
Does a small business need a website?
Almost all areas of life are smoothly moving to the Internet. Regardless of the scale of the business, the website will serve as a good tool for its development. It will bring in new customers, increase their loyalty, and optimize the sales process.
How long will it take to design and develop? 
Everything is individual and depends on your goals. For example, we do the "turnkey" web site from five working days.
Will the business come first in search engine results?
You will get a resource created to meet the requirements of search engines. If you want to get to the top of the search engine, you will need Seo-promotion or contextual advertising. We also provide these services. 
I already have a website but it doesn't work, can you fix it?
Perhaps it's the lack of promotion, technical errors, content, or a misconfigured advertising campaign. After analyzing all of the above, we will be able to offer the best solution to the problem.
What CMS do you work with?
Agency specialists work on any platform.
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