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Promotion of online schools and courses

Creating an online product sales system from scratch
Distance education is gaining popularity with every day and more and more companies are entering this niche. In conditions of high competition it is difficult to sell the training product without a competent packing and advertising.

Agency Lab322 helps establish a comprehensive promotion of #infobusiness and online courses. We create a sales system from scratch;-you get ready-to-use business and attracted clients.
Who is suitable for this service
Anyone who wants to make a profitable project out of expert knowledge, but doesn#t#have#the relevant technical skills and free time. Lab322 will take care of all the tasks by itself. You don't t have to deal with customer search, building a website, thinking through a sales funnel or setting up ads for online school. You get the idea, we get the execution.

You don't t have to look for freelancers for individual tasks either--the agency team includes#different specialists with practical# experience in creating and developing#online#products.
What does promotion include
Product and market analysis.
Development of a marketing strategy.
Creating a sales funnel
Setting up and designing the learning content system
Launching an advertising campaign
Packaging online courses
This is the second big stage of promotion -after studying the niche, competitors and target audience. Here we develop all the elements of the school that the user will encounter. The project will work as a coherent mechanism, if properly set up and design the content.

10 elements of quality packaging:
A sales page where we convincingly tell your future students why they should enroll. We create a landing page from scratch or adapt an existing one to make it more convertible.
Corporate Identity
Beautifully design the website, emails, and lesson materials in the same style. We will develop a logo, color scheme and graphics that will convey the idea of the school and distinguish you from your competitors.
We will set up e-mail, prepare a chain of letters to potential clients and students in e-mail, social networks and messengers. We will monitor the effectiveness of the mailing.
Social media
We will design school accounts, adapt the design and text support for each site.
If necessary, we will make presentations, books, questionnaires, questionnaires, certificates and other materials for the course. We will use elements of corporate identity in the design.
Training platform
We will find the best way for your school to communicate with students - choose a platform depending on the number of students and tasks. We will solve all technical issues.
Connect chatbots to automate sales and customer support during training.
Payment system
Set up Yandex.Kassa, Payeer, Robokassa or any other system to receive payments.
Customer base
If necessary, we will set up a CRM to systematize the database of students and automate work with them.
Targeted advertising
Let's start promotion in the necessary networks with the transition to landing on the rules of promotion of online education.
Promotion of an online school on a turnkey basis
When the product packaging is ready, you can begin to attract the target audience.

To do this, we use targeting advertising in social networks. Targeting allows you to accurately segment users according to a variety of criteria: gender, age, location, interests, marital status, and more. Thus, the ad of your school will be adjusted exactly for those who are interested in it.

The attraction of leads will be stable, and the result of the campaign will appear in a few days after its launch. The advertising can be easily corrected if the number of collected leads proves to be insufficient. Our agency works until the task set at the conclusion of the contract is solved.
What we do
Turnkey packaging and advertising of online schools. We solve all technical and marketing problems. We choose the most effective advertising tools and quickly attract the target audience.
How we do
Seven years in online promotion and creating websites. In portfolio -more than 200 projects, including online schools.
Promoted different business niches. Education, real estate, cybersports, beauty and fashion, health and sports, business communities and not only.
We work as a full-time team. We have a copywriter, a marketer, a target marketer, a designer - all the specialists for a successful product launch.
We build a convenient communication with the client. Each project is handled by a dedicated project manager who is available for questions and provides regular progress reports.
from 70,000 rubles
The cost of packaging and promotion of online courses on a turnkey basis
In order to accurately calculate the cost in your case, leave an application
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