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Polyclinic 107

St. Petersburg State Budget Health Care Institution "City Polyclinic #107" is one of the largest outpatient polyclinics in the city.

It was before us:
  • Nominally registered social media;
  • High volume of negative reviews offline.
The challenge:
  • To do a drastic job on the reputation of the outpatient clinic:
  • Redirect feedback and complaints from offline to online and come up with a system for handling feedback;
  • reduce the percentage of negative feedback;
  • to get clients for paid services of the polyclinic;
The following work was done as part of the project:
  • Developing a communication strategy;
  • Involvement of existing patients in social networks.
  • Development of corporate identity for social networks of the Polyclinic and design of points of contact with patients;
  • Development of a content plan;
  • Setting up a chat-bot in "Vkontakte";
  • Creating a system for processing feedback;
  • Photo/video production;
  • Creation of a presentation for the commercial department;
  • Launch targeting advertising;
  • Photo session and survey of all employees as part of improving the image of the Polyclinic;
  • Regular interviewing of doctors on various topics, creation of video clips. Thus - improving the image, indicating expertise, informing the population about the upcoming familiar events in the Polyclinic.
  • Creating a new website taking into account the specifics of the institution and using all the necessary systems to protect personal data;
  • +1500 thousand new subscribers in the first 3 months of operation without running targeting ads;
  • Decrease in negative feedback by 20% in six months;
  • Recognition of the social networks of the Polyclinic as the most active and attractive among the state institutions by the Head of the Krasnogvardeyskiy district;
  • high activity of the audience;
  • cost of application for pool services 313 rubles;
  • new website;
  • modern image of the Polyclinic.

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