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Presentations, catalogs, posters

Design of catalogs, posters, booklets and other promotional materials
Lab322 offers to order the design of catalogs, posters, booklets, leaflets and other promotional products in St. Petersburg. Stylish presentation materials attract the attention of potential customers and form a positive image of the company. Of course, only when they are properly designed, taking into account consumer psychology and marketing.

If you want to quickly and accurately convey information to your target audience, introduce a new product to the market, update the image, increase profits, you need competent electronic and printed materials for promotion. We will gladly create it for you!
What we do
We carry out the necessary printing work to the customer's needs, qualitatively and on time. You will need a clear statement of work, the images to be used, and the printing house's requirements for layouts.
How we do
We carry out the design of advertising materials and printed products in several stages.
1. We study the brief you filled out. It specifies all requirements for printing, adds source photos and schemes.
We analyze your business goals to accurately express the idea of advertising campaign, attract the attention of potential customers, to inspire confidence or motivate them to buy.
3. We propose a version of the layout, coordinate it and give the finished product.
Why are we
We take into account the commercial goals of the project and combine marketing with creativity.
We have accumulated extensive experience in creating branding materials for various areas of business.
We allocate a personal manager for your project and are always in touch.
We create aesthetic, non-standard visualizations for brand promotion.
When the materials are ready
The speed of making layouts depends on the amount of work. A designer can prepare a simple flyer in an hour, while a product catalog design will take a month. Call us to find out how much time we can develop advertising products for you.
The cost of the project depends on its scope and complexity. Check the prices for our services or contact the manager to clarify the details.
What do I need to provide to create a design layout?
You need a clear terms of reference, the necessary photos or diagrams that must be used, as well as the printer's requirements for the layout.
How long does it take to make design layouts?
It all depends on the amount of work. A simple flyer can be made in a few hours. A large catalog can take a month to create, depending on requirements and the number of adjustments.
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