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Promotion in Instagram: what and how

There are 40 million people registered on Instagram in Russia. 35% of the active audience are men and women 25-34 years old, a little less in the social network of people from 18 to 24 years old. All of them are solvent and open to new offers.

We wrote an article for you on how to promote an Instagram account on your own and from scratch. Paid and free ways. Collected only current methods and recommendations for commercial blogs.
Where to start promoting on Instagram
You need to figure out why, for whom and how you will maintain the account, otherwise you could lose time and money. How to proceed:
Research your target audience, make detailed portraits of your customers, find out what profiles they are subscribed to.
Do an audit of your competitors. Find out how they differ from you, what they write about and how often, analyze the reaction of their subscribers.
Set specific goals for yourself. What you want to achieve: sell directly, maintain your image, or something else.
Using data about your competitors, your audience, your objectives, come up with a tune-up for yourself.
Gather all the data into one document, break down the workflow into steps, write out the timeline and desired results. You can always make adjustments if necessary, but now you should have a clear framework for action. When the promotion strategy in Instagram is ready, you can start planning the first publications.
Creating a content plan
Alternate between entertaining, educational, sales, and image posts, surveys, contests, and polls. Publish only what will interest your target audience. Come up with 10-15 topics for first posts, Stories, IGTV. Create a spreadsheet and put post titles, deadlines in it. Read more about the content plan here. (link to article about content plan).

2. Visual content.
SMM-promotion in Instagram is impossible without high-quality, informative photos and videos. Individuality, originality and naturalness are now in trend. To bring the account to a single style, process images with a single filter, add the company logo on the cover.
Experts recommend publishing more videos, rejecting stock footage and posting only your own content. For plagiarizing someone else's ideas, the blog can be blocked.
Connecting a business account
Set up your first promotional tool in Instagram - a business account. It has access to statistics, the ability to run ads and connect an active link to the site.

Open the menu by clicking on the icon with three lines in the upper right corner. Or swipe the app to the left. Select "Settings" - "Account" - "Switch to a professional account
Scroll to the end of the information, click "Continue" and select a category. You can change your contact information at any time. Geolocation is only needed if you have one offline location.
The next step is to connect Facebook. Tie up your page right away. You need it to set up ads and recover your account faster after a hack.
How to prevent hacking and blocking
Instagram promotion can be interrupted by the actions of intruders or blocked by the app. There are several measures that can help secure your blog.
  • Create a separate password for Instagram and change it every two months.
  • Bind your email and other contact information in your settings.
  • Remember that Instagram only sends messages to your tethered email and notification section. Direct and other means of communication are used by scammers.
  • Don't connect third-party services for all sorts of scams, mass liking, autoposting.
  • Leave no more than 60 likes, comments, and subscriptions per hour.
The right way to decorate your Instagram
The direct promotion of Instagram can be started only after the account has been visually packaged. The audience that visits your page should immediately understand who you are and what you offer.
1. avatar.
Use your logo or an image that makes sense. Avoid small details - develop a minimalist picture. It should catch the user's attention.
2. Nickname.
Make your name short, sound, original and easy to remember, so you can be easily found and differentiated from the similar companies.
3. description.
Start promoting your services on Instagram already at this step. Effectively describe your product to make it stand out from your competitors. Write about promotions, subscriber benefits, and elaborate on the information.
4. Link.
You can place one active link to the site. If you want to add other contacts, use Taplink. This is something like a mini-site with links to other social networks, a catalog with a product or an order form.
Promotion methods: free and paid
When the account is set up, 10-12 posts have been added. Posts, videos and Stories, you can start directly to attract subscribers. Let's start with free ways to promote on Instagram.
Mutual PR and joint live events. Choose similar accounts that have your target audience.
Comments on popular blogs. Commentary should be prominent, interesting and expert.
Links on websites and other social networks. You can leave a link in your contact information or create an interesting video on Tic Toc and post it incompletely, suggesting to go to Instagram.
Offline. Tell your acquaintances, employees, relatives and friends about the blog, ask them to subscribe and tell their subscribers about you.
Communication with readers. It's important for users to respond to them in Direct, in comments. Communicate and you'll increase your reach rates and subscriber engagement.
Hashtags. Use up to 10 hashtags describing the business and the theme of the post. Choose non-spammed words that are mentioned less than 100,000 times. Include them in the first comment or within a few blank paragraphs of your text.
Geometrics. Such a good way to promote retail outlets, cafes, car repair shops and other local businesses. Put a geo-tag on each post and ask subscribers for it. For example, for a small bonus.

There are also several paid methods of promotion in Instagram. First, let's talk about the most effective ones.
1. Advertising from bloggers.
You need to find a blogger with your target audience, relevant topics and good engagement rates. At the same time, the account should not contain advertisements of your competitors.
Targeted advertising.
The cost of promoting "Instagram" by targeting quickly pays off, as ads are tuned to the people most interested in the subject of your blog.
+Giveaway. Brings in a lot of subscribers, but most of them unsubscribe after the draw is over. This has a bad effect on the blog's position in the feed. Gives can work if you sell a product that is widely demanded throughout the country.
Promoting business on Instagram
It is possible to promote a commercial account on your own, but it is difficult and time-consuming. At the very least, you will need time, because regularity is important in promotion. Photos, videos, and texts for posts need to be prepared in advance and published, if not every day, then several times a week.
Stories, communicating with the audience is daily work. And then there is tracking statistics and analysing them, testing content formats, and the complex adjustment of targeting.
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