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SMM-promotion in social networks

When to start SMM-promotion of the company?

90% of the Internet audience are social network users. Is SMM really necessary? Yes. If you want to increase sales, find new clients, increase brand awareness and build a reputation as experts in your field.

What we do
Connecting selling apps
Setting up targeted ads
Engaging bloggers
Customized publication design
Daily posting
Developing a content plan
Unlike traditional methods, marketing in social networks allows you to analyze the opinions of consumers, to keep in touch with them quickly, in time to work out the negative and make a profit with minimal investment.
When social media doesn't sell
Lack of strategy.
Competent social networking of a company is not limited to one visual, albeit a beautiful one. Irregular, haphazard posting without a single concept, interesting content, will not bring results. It is important to attract your audience to subscribers, to keep it, to build up and motivate them to take the necessary actions. This requires a complex of marketing activities: creating texts and visuals, advertising, working with the blogosphere and much more.

The use of gray methods of promotion.
Scoring likes and subscribers violates the algorithms of social networks and leads to the blocking of communities. In addition, potential customers will not subscribe to you. And to achieve your goals, the account must be "live", with interested subscribers, without bots. The cost of SMM promotion by such methods may be lower, but it will not justify itself.

Improper configuration of targeted advertising.
Advertising offers may not match the interests of the audience. As a result, the business does not receive new customers and spends the budget aimlessly.
Marketing agency Lab322 excludes such mistakes and qualitatively performs each stage of promotion. We do not just lead social networks, but bring customers. Our customers see the results in the first month after the launch of the project.
What we do:
Connecting selling apps
Setting up targeted ads
Engaging bloggers
Customized publication design
Unique content
Regular posting
How we do it:
Lab322 marketing agency provides comprehensive promotion in social networks. This means that we think through a long-term strategy, create content, and provide a constant flow of new customers.

Project immersion.
We analyze the customer's company and competitors' profiles. We select the best of them. See what methods they use, evaluate their effectiveness. We study the audience. Together with the client, we work through the vision and positioning of the brand in social networks. We set realistic goals, based on the client's capabilities. From this data we create a step-by-step strategy for promotion and selection of tools.
We do not promise the unrealistic with the purpose of receiving the immediate profit, therefore we examine in details business possibilities, so you understand what results can be reached.

Product packaging.
An important stage of brand development in social media is the creation of a memorable visual design. We develop a corporate style, individual design for social networks: profile picture, format of publications, covers of highlites, Stories. We carry out photo and video shooting of the product.

Filling with content.
We create a content plan and visuals for the publication. We write entertaining, sales and expert texts in the language of your audience. Increase interaction with the brand with engaging posts. Complement the publication of posts with activating and engaging Stories.

Setting up advertising campaigns.
We customize targeting for potential customers, taking into account the specifics of your product and audience, such as gender, age, social status, location, interests, financial capabilities and other factors. We reasonably spend the budget and moderate the advertising campaign during the month, as many times as it is necessary to get the best results.

Efficiency assessment.
We are constantly working with statistics and audience reaction. We monitor the targeting campaigns on a daily basis, evaluate the figures and make any required number of changes until we obtain the desired result.

Once a week we interact with the sales department and collect information on the quality of requests and the number of sales in order to assess the correctness of the campaign settings, to improve performance at a new stage of promotion. Every month we form a big report with all the indicators and plans for further development. You regularly monitor the changes in the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, conversions to the site, appeals.

What social networks we work with.
The specialists choose the platform for their work on the basis of the interests of your target audience. We find out where it spends more time and what content is relevant for it. We work with all popular social networks. You can order SMM-promotion in Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Yandex.Zen, TikTok and Telegram.
Why choose us:
Professional Team
For each task we allocate a separate employee who knows his job very well.
Seven years of experience in SMM
Promoted more than 200 projects in different business areas: clothing, sports, food, services, recreation, real estate, manufacturing, medicine, construction and many others.
Relevance of methods
We are always aware of new trends, we are constantly mastering new tools and offering them to clients.
Personal Manager
A project manager communicates with the customer. He monitors the progress of the work, answers all questions about the project, requests information, and agrees on content and current tasks.
At Lab322, we understand that investments in advertising must always pay off, so we take a sensible approach to spending the budget. First, we identify the most effective advertising messages and audiences, then we direct all the effort of the advertising campaign to them and bring the client many quality bids.
Regular reporting
We provide feedback once a week to know the number of requests and sales. Every month we send a full report with all project statistics.
Principle of openness
We conclude an official contract, which specifies the terms of work, guarantees and costs. We do not promise unrealistic results - we proceed from the current state of affairs and make realistic predictions.
Individual work
We do not create cookie-cutter strategies. Each business is unique for us - for each situation we work out a personal development plan.
Free Consultation
If you have communities and social media accounts, but you're not making a profit from them, we'll do a free audit, find out the reason for the failures and propose a solution.
How much does SMM-promotion cost:
The price of smm services depends on the company's goals and the number of tasks.
Find out the exact cost of promotion - leave an application and get a detailed calculation.

1. What kind of business is suitable for promotion in social networks?
Promotion in social networks is suitable for businesses of any size. For small and medium-sized businesses, it generates a flow of targeted customers, increases recognition and sales. Big brands use social media to strengthen their image and increase loyalty.
SMM is a versatile tool in any field, from the B2C sector to narrowly focused B2B, which can solve a variety of problems.
While your business "doesn't need" SMM promotion, competitors' companies get your target customers and their loyalty through social media.

2. How long does social media promotion take?
SMM promotion has no definite term. Constant social media outreach helps you establish a steady stream of new customers, retain a warm audience and stay competitive, and maintain the loyalty of your current subscribers.
If you are interested in a constant stream of customers, one-time SMM services (for a month) will not bring the expected results. The first step in online business development is a competent and long-term strategy.

3.What is included in the SMM-promotion service?
We offer the creation and maintenance of social networks on a turnkey basis, so your attention is focused on high promotion results.
The SMM services of Lab322 agency includes:
development of a content strategy and weekly content plan
Creation of individual design and packaging of social networks
daily posting
launch of targeted ads
Processing of feedback and inquiries in social networks
working with bloggers
Production of photo and video content
Stop Production
4. Can I do my own posts while you're working?
Before launching a project, we build a comprehensive content strategy: the form of interaction with subscribers and the visual presentation of the content.
Analyzing and matching your audience's interests builds their loyalty, which results in your profits.
Self-publishing violates the unified promotion concept and negatively affects user behavior, including sales effectiveness. Quality content - the basis for promotion in social networks.

5. I have communities, is there any way to evaluate them?
Yes, we will audit your social networks for free: we will provide an evaluation of the content, visuals, technical sections and advertising campaigns if they have ever been launched.

6. Where do you get your content for publications from?
We write posts and design by immersing ourselves in the topic of the business. To interest the audience, we study the direction in detail, keeping up with news and current trends. The company's website and publicly available sources are the main channels for obtaining information when writing texts. Once a week we request information from the customer (if any). We agree on texts and visual materials in advance.

7. Can I order a separate service?
Yes, we provide services separately, but in this case there is a risk of not achieving maximum results. The "turnkey" promotion uses all the possibilities of the business, simplifies the control of tasks and identification of weak points in advertising or communities.
Order promotion in SMM-agency in St. Petersburg and other cities.

How long should the SMM-promotion service be provided?
SMM is a constant work on maintaining the company's image in social networks, working with the audience and obtaining new customers. A one-time service order (for a month) will not give you the results you expect. The work must be carried out continuously if you want to systematically receive orders and develop your account.
What is included in the SMM-promotion service?
Lab322 takes care of the turnkey maintenance of your pages. All you have to do is keep an eye on your social networks. As part of SMM promotion you can be provided with: content strategy and weekly content plan, individual social media design, daily posting, launching targeting ads, handling feedback and inquiries, working with bloggers, as well as photo and video content production.
Can I do occasional posts on my own while you're working?
Before launching a project, we build a content strategy that defines the nature of interaction with subscribers and the visual presentation of the content. Everything is done so that the page makes an impression, generates loyalty, and, as a result, inclines people to buy. Extraneous interference in the form of random posts breaks the unified style and worsens the appearance of the pages, which affects user behavior, that is, sales.
I already have communities, is there any way to evaluate them?
Yes, we can do a full audit of all your pages for free, which includes analysis of texts, visuals, technical sections, and advertising campaigns.
Where do you get the content for your publications?
Our specialists immerse themselves in the topic and activities of your company, study niche materials, find your competitors, read articles and keep up with the news. We take text content from the website, reworking it for social media, and from publicly available sources. We also use content that the client provides.
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