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Promotion in TikTok for business

Many companies are not serious about promotion on this social network. So what is it, entertainment for children or an effective promotional tool? Here are some numbers.

TicToc is visited by 18 million active Runet users per month. 44% are in the age group of 18 to 34, of which 21% are paying young people aged 25 and older. They are open to new offers and actively engage with unconventional advertising formats.

Small businesses and global brands use the platform as a new development opportunity. The conditions of low competition and the right start on the site give the opportunity to take a leading position in a short time.

How promotion works in TikTok
The content of this platform is dynamic videos from 15 to 60 seconds. Videos can be shot and edited within the application using effects, filters, AR masks and music. Accounts are promoted not only by entertaining, but also by expert videos - the app is suitable for attracting an adult audience.

In terms of reach of the Runet audience, TikTok ranks 4th after VKontakte, Instagram and WhatsApp. On average, users open the app at least 7 times a day.

Users actively browse and respond to interesting content. A competent strategy for promoting an account in TikTok increases the indicators of engagement: it increases the number of views and positive reactions even in the complete absence of subscribers at the start.

Why it's worth promoting in TikTok

Brand image.
Interactive interaction, native content and network algorithms that allow for instant broad user reach builds brand loyalty among the target audience and increases brand awareness.

Target audiences.
Proper targeting setup within the platform attracts a relevant audience that is already interested in a certain product.

Low level of competition.
Video promotion in TikTok is a new way of business development, which not many companies have discovered yet. Strengthening the brand position and creating a community is much easier in this environment than in other social networks, where there is fierce competition. TikTok users are easily involved in the dialogue, responding with likes and comments. The site algorithm is quite loyal to users.

Sales growth.
The right strategy, interaction with users and quality content are the tools to attract target customers and make a profit with minimal investment. The decision to buy may not be made immediately, and the active presence of the brand on yet another platform is an opportunity to find new points of interaction with the client, inspire trust and lead to a purchase.

Promotion in TikTok with the marketing agency Lab322
Immersion in the project.
We carry out a detailed analysis of the product, determine the target audience and the competitive environment. Based on the brief of the client, we define the quantitative goals, terms and the optimal budget for the promotion of the account in TikTok.

Creation and implementation of the strategy.
Create an account in the app and determine relevant content direction. Place native advertising messages in video format within the social network.

Launching ads.
We register an advertising account, set up a targeted advertising campaign in TikTok Ads and carry out a detailed analysis of its effectiveness. We track the result and collect feedback from the sales department.

The cost of promotion in TikTok
The cost of setting up and running a targeting campaign - 15 000 ₽.
Find out the exact cost of your promotion - leave your request and get a detailed estimate.
Are there any potential customers of mine in TikTok?
More than 50% of the app's audience is over 18 years old. Detailed setup of the targeting campaign eliminates non-targeted audiences. We take into account demographic parameters, geography and interests of the audience, so that as a result the advertising budget will bring profit - paying customers
What can content in TikTok be like for business?
Product or service information in a creative video format is a good way to engage users and draw their attention to the product. Dynamic reviews, reviews, news or announcements open up new opportunities for interaction with potential customers and increase their brand loyalty.
In what cases will not be effective promotion?
If targeting advertising is launched incorrectly, a single strategy is not thought through, irrelevant content is created for the audience. Also, the conversion can disappear when you go to the site if the landing page itself has a number of errors that stop the user from taking the targeted action. The team of Lab322 marketing agency carries out a full range of works so that the promotion will bring results in the first month.
What kind of business is TikTok suitable for?
This media platform is an effective promotion tool for both small businesses and large companies. The main direction of promotion in TikTok is inbound marketing - involving users through entertaining or educational content. This direction is typical for retail, services, beauty-themed, fitness and other business niches.
Is it possible to gain subscribers in TikTok?
We do not recommend grey promotion methods - they do not bring clients and have no effect on sales growth. As a result, the business loses financial investments and receives untargeted subscribers - bots. Moreover, the algorithms of this social network, with relevant content allows in the shortest possible time to gain the target audience without tweaking.
How much does it cost to promote in TikTok?
We offer two options for promotion: only setting up targeting advertising and you do not need to manage the channel, and the full package is the management of the channel "turnkey", that is, the creation of relevant ads and setting up targeting. The cost of services includes the creation of the channel, content, configuration, management and analytics of the advertising campaign. To calculate the exact cost and determine an individual budget for promoting an account in TikTok, contact us in the most convenient way for you.
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