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R1 online tournaments

Comprehensive Internet promotion of the R1 eSports platform.
  • Test the demand for the service
  • Build up a loyal user base

  • To spread the knowledge about the service in the RF;
  • To create a loyal audience base;
  • To create additional base for quick interaction with potential players.

What was done:
  • Development of a comprehensive promotion strategy in accordance with the goals of the platform;
  • a comprehensive analysis of the products of competitors;
  • budgeting a set of marketing activities;
  • creation of landing pages in social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Tik Tok, Youtube);
  • creation of website;
  • development of content strategy;
  • installation of end-to-end analytics system Roistat, integration of all existing promotion channels;
  • launch of targeted advertising;
  • start of contextual advertising;
  • complex SMM-promotion;
  • launch of banner and video advertising on YouTube and other resources;
  • Monthly analytics for each channel with a reorientation to the most effective mechanics;

Project description and results:
  • Test period.
  • Start of advertising of the "Vkontakte" publika. Ads for subscribers of the friendly computer club. Next - advertising for tournaments with a symbolic contribution. The goal was to get as many users as possible involved in the platform and call for teammates. Average cost per click on tournaments - 5-6 rubles.
  • Launch of segmented advertising for subscription to the public. Age and geographic strata were tested. The publisher gets about 50 subscribers per day for 400 rubles of the budget plus a viral increase.
  • Additional traffic on the mailing list. With an investment of 2,000 rubles, we collected 275 subscribers each.
  • Segmentation of the gamer audience by age and geo. In the first month we reached the figure of 15 ₽ per subscriber, not including the viral growth.
  • We managed to lower the cost per subscriber by experimenting with creatives. Thus, in the next monthly period, the cost per subscriber dropped to 7 ₽ excluding the viral growth.
  • We promote each tournament separately on the platform. Stable average cost per click of 6-9 ₽.
  • Meeting audience goals: the platform currently has more than 11000 registered users.
  • There are more than 10,000 people in the Vkontakte public.
  • The average cost of attracting 1 paying user of the platform - 60 rubles.

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