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Implementation of AmoCRM

Implementing AmoCRM: integration and configuration

AmoCRM is an online sales automation system that will increase your profits, simplify your employees' work and analytics. The main advantage of this service is integration with all application channels, social networks and CMS.

Lab322 offers a comprehensive implementation of amoCRM. We will adapt the program to your organization, instruct you and teach you how to get results.

Who is suitable for amoCRM?
The service is implemented in small, large and micro businesses. In all areas with a constant flow of requests, step-by-step sales, employees in remote employment. The system will be useful for automating B2B companies, small industries, retail and wholesale, agencies, services.
It will also suit freelancers and organizations without the mass order orientation.

What amoCRM offers to business
Let's tell you more about what you get after implementing amoCRM in your company.
+ A unified database of customer requests.
You will not lose a single request, you will get a card with the history of interaction for each customer. All calls, messages, online orders are stored in one service. The system creates a lead after the first call from any integrated communication channel, so managers do not forget about the customer, no spam.
+ Workflow transparency.
Tracking the productivity of each employee is easy. The corresponding section displays the number of deals made, letters sent, calls made. CRM eliminates imitation of activity.
+ Quick response time.
Managers do not have to be torn between messengers, copy and create documents manually, switch between hundreds of tabs and look for information about the client. All data is obtained in a couple of clicks. All the communication on different channels can be done by the manager only through the AmoCRM interface, without a separate reference to each resource.
+ Partial marketing automation.
You can set up e-mail notifications, customer holiday greetings, and advertising campaign tracking in AmoCRM. At the end of the month there is a report of calls and conversions received with a breakdown by advertising sources.
+ Unified history of calls and correspondence.
If there's a dispute, you'll quickly find the data you need.
+ Simplified analytics.
You see problem areas, what stage each deal is at. A report with a forecast of future sales is available.
+ Automation of routine.
Integrating the site with amoCRM helps you sell. The system itself sets current tasks, generates the necessary documents, reminds about scheduled meetings and calls, sends information to the client. There are templates for emails and messages.
+ Personalization of the service.
The program is set up smart distribution of calls, automatic messages, chatbots. Reminders are filtered by reason for refusal, date, cost, certain stages of the funnel. No intrusiveness, individual approach increases customer loyalty.
+ Simple sales tool.
The interface is intuitive, adapted to tablets and phones. AmoRM works quickly on all devices. Employees can specify the necessary information when they are out of the office.
Step-by-step implementation and integration of the site with amoCRM
+ Audit.
This is an important step - without it you can't set up the system correctly. CRM flexibly adjusts to industry specifics. In order to use all the features you need to immerse yourself in the business. We analyze the company's structure, sales process, traffic sources, customers, current workflow, control system and staff motivation. The final result of the audit - technical specification and project map. At this stage we coordinate the cost of amoCRM implementation.
+ Setup and integration.
We add all the employees to the service, set up departments, delimit rights and responsibilities, upload the client base, connect telephony and mail, set up sales funnels and automatic tasks. We integrate all sources of leads, 1C, email lists and other tools of your business. Lab322 has a large staff of specialists, we can handle any task.
+ Preparation of regulations and training.
We provide lessons online or on-site at the client's office. We tell you how to work with each section and task, and why you need it.

Why our team is chosen
+ We are official partners of amoCRM.
Agency specialists are certified. You can be confident in the professionalism of the executors.
+ Seven years on the market.
We were engaged in the implementation of CRM in different areas, large and small businesses.
+ Personal manager.
You communicate with a single employee who monitors the progress of the work and sends regular reports.
+ Training.
Included in the cost of the project is detailed coaching for executives and managers. Training takes place online or on the basis of the company.
+ Revisions.
If you need to make any minor changes after the launch of the system, we will make them.

Cost of amoCRM implementation
The price of amoCRM implementation is formed on the basis of your business needs. Get a detailed cost estimation of your project.
Call us +78123175570 or leave a request on the site.
See the realized cases to be convinced of amoCRM usefulness.
from 85,000 rubles
The cost of the full implementation of AMO CRM
Leave an application so that we can make a calculation specifically for your company and for your purposes
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