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Targeted advertising

The most effective way to sell your product to your target audience here and now.

Proper targeting campaigns allow you to promote your product without having a website. Flexible settings and the ability to segment the audience helps to deliver an individual message to everyone, bringing people maximum benefit, and you - maximum profit.

What we do
Setting up a display of targeted advertising in social networks Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Instagram
How do we do it?
We audit the landing page and make adjustments
If necessary for more conversion appeal
Determine the goals of the advertising campaign, make a plan and form the budget
Identify internal goals and interests of the target audience
Determine the format of the advertising campaign and the method of collecting applications
Gathering the right audiences and segmenting them
We create unique advertising messages that include a test and visual component for each segment
Analyzing the launched advertising campaign
Collecting feedback from the customer's sales department
We adjust the advertising campaign, try new mechanics, scale displays to the most active audience, reduce the cost of the application and the paying client
from 29,000 rubles
The cost of setting up and running a targeting advertising campaign
In order to accurately calculate the management of your advertising campaign, leave an application and we will contact you.
Why do you need targeting advertising?
Targeted advertising allows you to quickly find customers on social networks. With it, your target audience gets to know about you. You can get the first applications on the first day of advertising.
I know that targeting advertising is expensive.
It's not. Everything strongly depends on the sphere of activity of your company. In some areas, the cost of an application starts at 25 rubles, and the cost per click starts at 1.5. You can't predict in advance how much money you need to allocate for targeting advertising. After a test advertising campaign we will know the cost of the bid and only then can we predict the budget. We recommend allocating at least 10 thousand for one social network to have a tangible result.
How do I know how much my application is worth?
To do this, you need to run a test advertising campaign. After that, we'll find out how much it costs to click, click, and bid, and we'll also be able to plan the advertising budget for the month, based on your goals. That is, if we find out that an application costs 100 rubles, and you want to receive 100 applications, then you need to allocate at least 10 000 rubles per month.
Why do I need targeting ads when I've already ordered my community maintenance?
Mainstreaming only helps to broadcast relevant information and keep your page attractive and relevant, but without targeted advertising, only a very small part of your target audience will know about you. Hoping that you will be seen, clicked on links and bought - you can, but the effect will be meager. Targeted advertising allows you to get a wide coverage in the shortest possible time, and therefore - to get customers.
What do I have to do to run targeted ads?
Suggestions you want to convey to buyers in the form of short talking points, access to advertising offices and budget. We generate the advertising texts and visuals ourselves.
I want to see you promote me and I have to approve all the promotional content.
Frankly, we don't really like to validate advertising messages with clients. We've run dozens of ad campaigns, and we know how the message needs to be shaped to get the audience to respond to it. Often, client edits greatly reduce conversion rates and make the ad ineffective. But, of course, if this is a point of principle for the company, the project manager will be sure to send you the texts and visuals for approval.
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